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How To Edit The New Account Information Message?

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Watch this video for a step by step process on How to Edit The New Account Information Message

DierctAdmin enables the resellers to send a message to the new users that contains their account information like – Welcome Email/ New Account Information email. This message contains the information required for the use of DA web hosting account. You can also send suspension messages from DierctAdmin.

edit user message

Follow the steps given below to edit the new account message in DA:

  • Connect to your DA/reseller account.

login to directadmin

  • Go to Account Manager >> Edit User Message.


How to edit the account suspension message in DA:

  • Login to your DierctAdmin or Reseller account.

login to directadmin

  • Go to Account Manager >> Suspension Message.
  • You have to edit the subject and the body of the message and click on ‘Save’.

  • If you are a server admin and if you wish to create a custom message for the new accounts creation process that can be used by you or all the resellers, put the message in this file:

  • If you are an admin and you want to change the new account message for some specific reseller, you can modify the file (USERNAME is the reader’s account).

Once defined, the suspension message will be stored in:

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