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How To Create Drupal Blocks?

Drupal blocks are basically the container objects that can be used for organizing the content for a Drupal website. For instance, you can create a user login block and add it to your website footer for your website users.

The steps required for creating a block in Drupal are mentioned below:

  • Click on the ‘Structure’ option from the main menu.
  • Now click on the option – ‘Block layout’.
  • Here you can decide where you would want to place the block. For instance, if you wish to place the block in the header region, then you need to click on the ‘Place block’ option present next to ‘Header’. You can also create a customized block by clicking on the option – ‘Add custom block’, you will have to enter the description and the body of the block in the next window.
  • From the list of blocks displayed, click on ‘Page Title’.
  • Confirm the attributes like the title, visibility of the block.
  • Click on ‘Save block’.


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