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How To Conduct Optimizing & Caching In Drupal 8?

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You might have to work on improving the website performance as your Drupal website grows. Optimizing the website will help it load faster and the amount of resources will be reduced as fewer calls will be made and by reducing the extra processes.

Below mentioned are the options that Drupal 8 offers for improving your website:

  • Login to your Drupal 8 website.
  • There is a menu bar on the top of the screen, click on the ‘Menu’ option and then click on the configuration tab from the second menu bar.
  • When you are redirected to the ‘Configuration’ page, search for the Development section and click on the ‘Performance’ link.
  • This page will display various options available for improving the performance of your website. The options you have include the following:
    • Clear Cache : Click on this option to clear the current cache.
    • Page Cache maximum age : This option determines the maximum age for caching. You have various settings starting from 1 day. The pages that pass this threshold will be cached again.
    • Aggregate CSS Files : When you check this option, Drupal combines the CSS files for faster reference.
    • Aggregate JavaScrtipt Files : When you check this option, Drupal combines the JavaScript files for faster reference.

Once you have configured all the settings for your specific website design, click on ‘Save configuration’ for activating the settings.

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