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How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress?

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Do you want to have a landing page on your WordPress website? Don’t worry, building it is a pretty straightforward task when you use a landing page plugin or page builder.

In this article, you are going to learn how to create a well-performing WordPress landing page that will increase conversions for your business with the help of Beaver Builder.

Why You Need a WordPress Landing Page?

A landing page is a designated place on your site that contains information about your business. The main purpose is to highlight the strongest points of your product or service and encourage people to purchase them.

There are several elements that people often find on this page, such as a subscription form, call-to-action button, price-list, and so on. Site owners provide them in order to boost their conversions and increase their profit.

If you have an online business, having a landing page is a must because it’s the perfect place to welcome potential customers. You can also make your product stand out so that people are more interested in using it.

By creating a strong landing page, you can free yourself up to better utilize other sections of your site. They can have their own functions without the need to market your product.

Before you get into designing a landing page, it is best to choose the right WordPress hosting to make sure that your site will be running as it should, and can handle the traffic coming its way. What’s the point of a great landing page, if it’ll be down half the time. Make sure you’re building a site on a good platform first.

WordPress is undoubtedly a powerful tool when it comes to creating a landing page. However, certain alterations are tricky to make if you do not have third-party tools available. As a case to point, many users want to be able to hide the page titles on their landing pages.

They might want to do this for a variety of reasons. One of them is that when an individual visits your landing page, they are generally privy to what the page is about. Hence, inserting a title to tell them about it is redundant.

If you would like to hide the page title of your landing page, be sure to check how to hide page title WordPress. This is just one example of a change you might want to make. Luckily, there are plenty of WordPress tutorials online that are sure to help you create the perfect page.

There are many WordPress landing page plugins available online. Each plugin, however, has its own qualities. Be sure to explore the list of the best landing page plugins.

Creating a WordPress Landing Page with Beaver Builder

For this tutorial, let’s learn how to create a landing page in WordPress with the Beaver Builder plugin. This is a very popular page builder plugin that is a great option for creating a stunning landing page.

Step 1 – Install the Beaver Builder Plugin on Your Website

To start, you have to head to the official Beaver Builder website and buy the plugin. After the purchase, you are free to download the plugin file to your PC and copy the license key of the plugin which is present in the download files.

Then, you have to log in to the WordPress dashboard with your credentials and install the plugin which you just downloaded. Be sure to activate the plugin after the installation is complete.

After activation, you will have to punch in the license key (the same as before) by going to Settings->Page Builder.

Now you will be able to see the active status of the updates and support subscription. This means you have successfully completed the basic plugin configuration.

If you refresh your WordPress dashboard now, you will be able to see a new option – Beaver Builder – on the menu of your dashboard. Congratulations! Now you are ready to construct your first landing page!

Step 2 – Use Beaver Builder to Create a Landing Page

After the Beaver Builder installation, the next step is creating a brand new landing page.

From your dashboard, head to Pages-> Add New to create a landing page. When you click Add New, you will see the WordPress page template with a separate Beaver Builder button at the center of the editor.

After naming the page, press the Launch Beaver Builder button to start the builder interface.

With some of the themes, you will have to change the template from the section labeled as Page Attributes, which is present on the right-hand side of the page. You have to change the template before clicking the Beaver Builder tab.

After clicking it, your page will pop open in the interface of Beaver Builder.

The page builder elements are on the right of the page, and there is a blank space on the left. You can also see the tabs for Modules, Rows, and Templates on the right-hand panel. You can now drag and drop modules and row layouts to the blank space on the left and commence editing.

The ideal option, however, is to head to the Templates tab. Some of the templates available here provide professional-looking and well-structured landing page designs. Moreover, you can use them with minimum customization. By clicking on a template, Beaver Builder will load it in the window on the left-hand side.

Step 3 – Customize the Template of Your Landing Page

The next and final step of the process is to customize the chosen template with the content you would like to have on the landing page. This is fairly easy as you can tweak every component by simply hovering the mouse over the component and clicking it.

You have complete control over changing the text, color, style layout, height and width of the columns and rows, and so forth. You can also switch the custom background images or colors used in the template with your product associated images and colors.

You can delete any of the modules, rows, or content blocks if you feel they do not add much value to your landing page. Moreover, you can duplicate a module, row, or content block by simply clicking duplicate on mouse hover. If some elements seem a bit confusing, you can always refer to Beaver Builder’s official documentation.

Furthermore, you can insert new rows to your template as well. To do that, you have to click the + sign. This sign is adjacent to the Done button situated on the top right side. Next, click the Rows tab and drag the row you would like to use to the editor space on the left side.

After this step, click the Modules tab and drag the modules to the rows you just created in the previous step. You can now insert content in the modules and customize them as you wish. Click the Done button on the top right side after you are finished. You can now save the page as a draft or publish it.

Once you publish the page, you can visit the page on your website to check your landing page in live mode.

How to Create a Great Landing Page?

Here are some tips to build an awesome landing page:

  • Make people trust you — On the landing page, you have to insert several elements that convince people to use your product/service. They can come in forms of testimonials, ratings, comparisons, and so on.
  • Create a mobile-friendly page — You need to make sure your page looks great and feels intuitive on smartphones and tablets too. By doing this, you are likely to attract many more potential customers.
  • Keep it simple — It is important to make everything easy for your visitors to understand. Don’t add too many forms to fill and avoid using jargon that people might not know.
  • Organize your page elements — Every element of your landing page is there to drive people to convert. Therefore, you need to structure them properly so the information about your product is delivered clearly.
  • Test your page — Your landing page might not be really successful at first. That’s why you need to test them continuously to find the best version that gives you the most leads.

In Conclusion

A landing page is a crucial part of your website. It is the place where you provide marketing and advertising materials to sell your products or services. In other words, this page will help you increase your conversions.

Creating a WordPress landing page is a hassle-free three-step procedure, which we covered in this article. To summarize, let’s review the steps again:

  1. Choose a reliable landing page plugin, such as Beaver Builder. Then, install and activate it on your WordPress site.
  2. Create your first landing page by going to Pages -> Add New. Select Beaver Builder in the post editor.
  3. Customize your landing page by inserting images, buttons, text, and other marketing elements that convince people to use your product.

Also, we didn’t forget to provide you with some useful tips on how to create an amazing and effective landing page.

Be sure to leave us a comment down below to let us know what you used to create your WordPress landing page!

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