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How To Create A Backup Of Moodle?

Approx. read time : 2 min

Moodle has its own backup feature that enables the user to take complete website backup through the dashboard. Here are the steps for creating a backup of your Moodle website:

  • Login to your Moodle account.
  • Click on the ‘Backup’ option present in the Settings field on the left hand side.
  • An initial settings page will be displayed. You will see a list of Backup Settings to select from. Select the fields that you need the backup for and click on the ‘Next’ option.
  • The next page will show the ‘Scheme Settings’. This is the database information that is required by Moodle for the restore process. In order to create a backup for the complete website, click on ‘ALL’. You also have the option to create backups for only some specific database information. Select your preferred option and click on ‘Next’.
  • A review and confirmation page will be displayed. This page will show all the backup settings that you have selected and the database information. Review everything and click on ‘Perform Backup’.
  • Once the ‘Perform Backup’ process runs, a message will be shown that says ‘The backup file was successfully created’. Now click on ‘Continue’.

This completes the process of taking backup for your Moodle website; you can restore this backup easily whenever you want to.

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