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How To Change Themes In CMS Made Simple?

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You might want to change the way your CMS made simple website looks and you can do this by changing the theme of the website. This tutorial presents the steps for changing an already installed theme. You can easily change the CMS made simple theme with just a few easy steps.

  • Login to CMS Made Simple admin area.
  • Go to the Layout Menu and click on ‘Design Manager’.
  • You will be directed to the Design Manager page where you will be able to view all the currently installed themes. There will be a green tick icon next to the theme name that indicates that the theme is currently active.
  • For changing the theme, all you have to do is click on the tick button of some other theme present in the currently installed themes list. Remember that you cannot apply a theme that is not installed and not shown in this list. So, if you want to apply a theme that is not yet installed, you need to get it installed first.
  • When you select some other theme from the installed themes list, the tick icon will become green and a message will be displayed – ‘Default design changed’. This indicates that the procedure of changing the theme has been successfully implemented.
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