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How To Enable Caching In Drupal?

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For enabling caching for your Drupal website, you need to login as administrator and then execute the steps mentioned below:

Page Caching For Drupal 6.x:

  • Go to ‘Site Configuration’
  • Click on ‘Performance’
  • Under the option ‘Caching mode’ – select ‘Normal’
  • Under the option ‘Block cache’ – select ‘Enabled’
  • Save the changes by clicking on ‘Save Configuration’

Page Caching For Drupal 7.x:

  • Click on ‘Configuration’ option present on the top menu
  • Click on ‘Performance’
  • Find the Caching section and click on the checkbox that says ‘Cache Blocks’
  • Save the changes by clicking on ‘Save Configuration’

In case you are using the Drupal 8.x version, you don’t need to worry about enabling caching because it has ‘Page Cache’ and ‘Dynamic Page Cache’ options enabled by default.

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