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What Are The Common Reasons For A Website To Be Inaccessible?

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There might be various factors due to which you might not be able to access your website. Here is an insight on the situations where you cannot access your website and there are no error messages displayed explaining the exact issue:

Common Reasons For A Website To Be Inaccessible:

Incorrect DNS Settings

In order to ensure that your web hosting account is operating perfectly, the DNS records of your domain should be set to the server hosting your website. You can edit the DNS zone and customize it. You can perform the following tasks:

  • Set an A record for your domain, the A record should point to the main IP address of the server.
  • Set MX record for your domain name that points to your main domain. For example if your main domain is –, you must set up your MX records to point to (include the dot at the end).
  • Set CNAME (optional). You might want to set up CNAME for your www. record that points directly to your domain and therefore both – ‘’ and ‘’ will display the same content.

Note : You must also add a separate A/CNAME record for every sub domain you have.

Failed cPanel Login Attempts

Your website IP can get blocked, if you fail to enter the correct cPanel login credentials. If you make multiple incorrect login attempts to cPanel, your IP will get blocked. The IP gets blocked due to security reasons and therefore you might not be able to access your website. However, your website users can view the website. In this case, contact your web hosting company to get the IP unblocked. Once your IP is unblocked you can login and access your website.

Domain Name Has Expired

Domain names are registered only for a limited time span. In case your domain name has expired, there will be a default website with a link to more information. In this case, you must renew your domain name immediately. If your domain name has expired, your website will be inaccessible.

Blank Or No Index File

While loading a website, the web server tries to open any of these files first : index.html, index.htm, index.php (usually, this is the default order unless the order is changed in the .htaccess file). In case there are no such index files, the web server will display a list of all your website files and directories.

If your website index file is empty, a blank page will be displayed by your browser. The blank page might also display if the PHP script has any problem and if the error reporting has been disabled in the script.

Network Connectivity Issues

There is a possibility that you might be experiencing network connectivity issues for the server you are hosted on. This means that you can visit other websites but that server is not reachable for you. In this case you must contact the support team of the web hosting company.


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