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CloudFlare FAQ

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What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is a free system that acts as a connection between the visitors and the server. CloudFlare protects and accelerates any type of website online. Once your website becomes a part of the CloudFlare community, the web traffic of your website is routed through an intelligent global network. The delivery to your web pages is automatically optimized so that your visitors get the fastest page load times and the best website performance. Website threats and abusive bots are blocked by CloudFlare and bad crawlers are stopped from wasting your bandwidth and other server resources.

A result of this, a CloudFlare powered website gains a significant improvement in performance and spam attacks and other attacks are reduced.

With which packages CloudFlare is offered?

CloudFlare is offered with all the cPanel shared hosting and cPanel reseller hosting packages.

What are the major differences in a website when it uses CloudFlare?

• The website loads 30% faster
• The website uses 60% less bandwidth
• The website generates 65% lesser requests

How Does CloudFlare Improve Website Performance?

CloudFlare has proxy servers located throughout the world. These proxy servers are located closer to the location of your visitors. As a result of this, your visitors notice page load speed improvements because the cached content is delivered from the closest caching box instead of directly delivering it from the server.

How does threat protection Work In CloudFlare?

CloudFlare utilizes data through Project Honey Pot, from other third party sources and also from its community for identifying the malicious threats online and for stopping the attacks before they get to your website. You can check which threats are being stopped from attacking your website through the CloudFlare dashboard.

Is spam comments protection provided by CloudFlare?

Yes spam comments protection is provided. CloudFlare leverages the data from all the third party resources for reducing the number of spam comments on your website.

What are the other advantages of using CloudFlare?

Other advantages of CloudFlare include the following:

Alerting visitors of infected computers : CloudFlare alerts the human visitors that have an infected computer. This information is important to the visitors as they need to take the right action on cleaning up the malware and virus on their machine. This kind of visitor will have to enter a captcha for entering your website.

Always online mode : In case the CloudFlare server is not available, visitors will still be able to access your website because CloudFlare serves your website through its cache.

Less CPU Usage : As less number of requests hit the server, the overall CPU usage of your account is lowered.

Statistics : CloudFlare’s system maintains statistics on every hit and offers an important and useful insight in terms of the search engine crawlers and threats.

What are the limitations of the CloudFlare system?

CloudFlare might affect the internal statistics program that is directly read from the Apache logs. CloudFlare will not have any effect on the web-based analytic programs that utilize Java scripts like Google Analytics. CloudFlare caches the static content of your website. Even though this helps in reducing the load on the systems, it also means that in case you make any changes in any of the existing static file, there might be a delay before the changes are displayed. In order to avoid this, you will have to put CloudFlare in the ‘Development Mode’ so that the changes are reflected immediately.

Who can use CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is suitable for all types of websites including the dynamic websites.

How much time is required to sign up on CloudFlare?

CloudFlare sign up hardly takes two minutes. In case you don’t like the CloudFlare services, you can unsubscribe from them within a minute.

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