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What is BitNinja Site Protection & How to Enable It in cPanel?

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BitNinja Site protection is a security solution to protect your websites from malware, hackers, bots and other vulnerabilities. The Site Protection tool gives you complete control over your website’s security.

Plus, it offers a fully automated system for the higher protection of your website.

Here’s a guide wherein we will understand information about BitNinja Site protection and how you can enable it in cPanel.

What Features Does BitNinja Site Protection Offer?

The BitNinja Site protection offers several security features in the dashboard and performs several actions as given below:

Anti Malware

BitNinja identifies the malware and attacks instantly. The malware detection module responds to the malware upload attempt and blocks it before the attacker executes the malicious code.

You can also run manual scans on your website. With this, you get the complete information, the time, the path and the malware name that’s infected your website.

The Sandbox Scanner technology identifies and eliminates website-level malware with a risk of malicious activities or identity thefts.

anti malware

Website Vulnerabilities

These are the weaknesses present in the website. Through these, hackers, malicious third parties, or botnets can attack your system and steal confidential data. Site Protection scans and reports if any of these website vulnerabilities are found. 

CAPTCHA Protection

Most of the time, Captcha protection is a great savior. The BitNinja Site protection does the same. It mainly targets the common points like the login screens of websites, with a security solution that only allows real humans to access and not the hackers or botnets around.

Phishing Monitor

With the phishing monitor, you get immediate notification if any suspicious site appears on your domain name. If there’s no security protection, your site will be in continuous danger, causing the loss of sensitive information like passwords, login details and more. 

Website Hardening

Based on vulnerability reports, hardening rules are set up to patch the vulnerabilities and make your website. This is done automatically in the end by the security professionals.

Let Visitors Know Your Website is Secured

When the BitNinja Site protection badge is displayed, it helps improve visitors’ trust level. The seal denotes that your website is safe and secured.

secured site protection

Steps to Enable the BitNinja Site Protection in cPanel:

  • Login to your cPanel account with the username and password.
  • On the right-hand side, in Search Tools, search for BitNinja Site Protection.
  • Then, here click on “Login”
bitninja site protection
  • After you click on login, the below screen will appear. Fill in the required details, Name, and Email address and click on Submit.
site protection
  • BitNinja Site Protection is now enabled. You can easily access the different security features present.

Final Words

The security of your website should be a priority. With BitNinja Site Protection enabled on your website, you can protect your site and secure your online presence.

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