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What Is a Parked(Alias) Domain and How Do I Set up One?

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Watch this video for a step by step process on how to Parked(Alias) Domain and How Do I Set up One

In cPanel with the Alias function you can host additional domains on your hosting account and each Alias domain will offer the content from your primary domain name. When the address is entered by the user for an Alias domain, it redirects to the primary domain on which it is parked.

For example, if is an Alias for, will be accessible when a user enters into the web browser.

1. For adding an Alias domain, login to your cPanel account.

2. Click on the “Aliases” icon under the “DOMAINS” section.

3. In the text field, enter the domain name that your want to use as an Alias.

4. Click on the “Add Domain” button.

5. After the Alias domain is added to the server, you can remove it or use it as a redirect in the Aliases section of cPanel.

Important: While setting up an Alias domain, you should change the DNS settings for that domain to the MilesWeb DNS servers. Check your Login Information email for the names of the DNS servers to use.

Alias Domain Email

You can even set up email accounts for the Alias domain in the “EMAIL” section of cPanel. Click on the “Email Accounts” link/icon and you can choose the Alias domain from the “Domain” drop-down menu.

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