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Steps to Sub Domain Creation Through cPanel

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The cPanel is one of the leading control panels used to manage domains, databases and other elements of web hosting service. It helps clients to manage their hosting account. In this knowledge base, we will be discussing subdomains.

You may have a subdomain attached to your website if it exists as a subdirectory of your public_html (document root) directory or your account’s home directory. Subdomains use a prefix in conjunction with the domain name.

If you are unaware of creating a subdomain through cPanel.

Step 1  

Access cPanel dashboard

Step 2  

Then, navigate to the domains section where you have an option to add domains.

add domains

Step 3

Click on “Create a new domain” and type the name of your new domain.

Step 4  

Type sub-domain which you want to have for your parent domain.

document root

Step 5  

Clients need to ensure the highlighted checkbox is not selected to prevent the creation of the subdomain within the document root.

type sub domain

Step 6

Once all processes are done, click on Submit and there you are with your subdomain of the website.

You will get this subdomain with an existing SSL certificate. 

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