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Ping, how to tell if a server is online

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Modern Linux / Windows operating systems have several interesting tools for you to analyze a possible problem on your server or even on our network. We will start a series of knowledge base posts here in this section addressing some that we use, any suggestion is welcome.


Ping or latency as we call it, it is a utility that uses the ICMP protocol to test connectivity between devices. Its operation consists of sending packages to the target equipment and listening to the responses. If the target equipment is active, a “response” (the “ping”, an analogy to the famous ping-pong game) is returned to the requesting computer.



  1. Open the “Start” menu and search for “CMD“, press enter.
  2. A console screen should appear for you. (Ex:
  3. Enter “PING YOUR IP“, eg: ping



  1. Open your SSH console
  2. Enter “PING YOUR IP“, eg:  ping


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