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How to Modify a User Account in DirectAdmin?

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Watch this video for a step by step process on How to Modify a User Account in DirectAdmin

There are a few instances when you, as a reseller, have to modify a user account. With DirectAdmin, you can freely access and customize a user account to your requirement.

To Modify a User Account

1. Log in to your reseller account of DirectAdmin.

2. Click on List Users in the Account Manager section.

A list of your existing user accounts will appear.

3. Click on the user account you want to modify.

A panel with all the settings and information about the user account will appear.

4. Click on the Modify tab.

You will see a form with various configurations for the user account.

You can change the Service Package, set IP, adjust resource limits and even re-assign new feature sets and plugins.

5. Make all the modifications for the user account and click on SAVE.

The system will flash a success message saying it has modified the user account.

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