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How To Manage CMS Made Simple Admin Area?

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Here is an insight on managing the admin area of CMS Made Simple:

Logging in the admin area:

You can access the CMSMS admin area with the URL –

  • Enter the username and password that you used during the installation process.
  • Click on ‘Submit’.
  • When you login, you will come across a message that says ‘You have two unhandled notifications.’
  • On clicking on the + button, you will see two notifications.
  • The first notification tells you that your install directory still exists and the second notification states that you have not yet configured the mail settings.
  • You can easily delete the ‘Install’ folder through cPanel’s File Manager or through any FTP client.

Admin Menus

There is a horizontal menu in CMS Made Simple admin panel, this menu is the prime navigation platform. This menu provides the access to all the important functions that include:

  • CMS : Through this menu you can access the dashboard and admin Home sections. You can also see your website and log out from the admin area.
  • Content : This menu enables you to manage your content including content blocks and pages. You can also access the Image Manager and File Manager through this menu.
  • Layout : This is the place from where you can manage your menus and templates.
  • Users & Groups : Manage your users and groups and their permissions from this menu.
  • Extensions : This menu allows you to manage all the CMSMS extensions like modules, tags, events and CMSMailer.
  • Site Admin : Through this menu you can manage your page defaults and global settings. You can also check the system information and admin logs.
  • My Preferences : You can manage the admin user through this menu.

There are two additional functions present on the right side of the menu:

  • View Site link – when you click on it, your website will open in a new window.
  • A logout

Global Settings

  • You can manage the global settings of your CMSMS application through admin area >> Site Admin >> Global Settings.
  • From this panel you can also clear the CMSMS cache, edit the name of your website and select a default frontend language.
  • This panel also enables you to create a customized 404 page.

CMSMS Extensions

Many of the features provided by CMSMS are actually the built-in modules. For instance, the File Manager is a module that can be easily disabled and even uninstalled through the CMSMS admin area >> Extensions >> Modules.

When you go to the Modules page, you can also install new modules in the form of XML files. For installing a new module :

  • Click on the ‘Browse’ button
  • Look for the module’s XML file
  • Click on ‘Submit’ for uploading it
  • Click on the ‘Install’ option for completing the installation process

Steps For CMSMS Mail Configuration – CMSMailer

This module is in charge of the mail settings of CMSMS, it is known as CMSMailer. For accessing it you need to go to the admin area >> Extensions >> CMSMailer.


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