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How To Install Elgg Through Softaculous?

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Elgg has become one of the most popular content management systems. Elgg can be easily downloaded through Softaculous.

Here are the steps for downloading Elgg through Softaculous:

  • Login to your cPanel account.
  • Go to the Softaculous Apps Installer section.
  • Click on any of the options present under ‘Categories’.
  • The Softaculous installer page will be displayed.
  • In the search box, enter ‘Elgg’ and press Enter.
  • Click on ‘Install’ and the installation page will be displayed.
  • Another list box will be displayed that says – ‘Choose the version you want to install’, here you need to install the version that you wish to install.
  • In the list box – ‘Choose Protocol’, select the protocol.

Note : If you have an SSL certificate installed on your website, you must select ‘https://’ or ‘https://www’. If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your website, you must select ‘http://’ or ‘http://www’.

  • In the list box – ‘Choose Domain’, select the domain that you want to install Elgg for or accept the default value.
  • In the text box – ‘In Directory’, enter the directory where you want to install the Elgg application, or accept the default value.
  • Note : If you wish your domain name to directly go to the application, leave the ‘In Directory’ text box blank.
  • In the ‘Data Directory’ text box, enter the name of the directory where you want to save the application data or accept the default value.
  • In the ‘Site Name’ text box, enter the website name. The website name is shown in the title bar of the user’s browser by default when they access your website.
  • In the ‘Site Description’ text box, enter your website description.
  • Enter the email address of the website in the ‘Site Email’ text box.
  • Enter the admin username and password in the ‘Admin Username’ and ‘Admin Password’ text boxes respectively and enter other details like ‘Real Name’ and ‘Admin Email’.
  • You can click on the ‘+’ icon to adjust the Advanced options. You can configure them as per our preference.
  • In order to receive website configuration information after the installation process is complete, enter an email address in the ‘Email Installation Details to’ text box.
  • Review all the installation settings that you have configured and click on ‘Install’. Once the installation [process is complete, Softaculous will provide complete information about the application.
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