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How to increase php memory limit using htaccess ?

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When installing any CMS, eCommerce, chat, forum, gallery, blog software there is a need for few scripts with higher memory limit. On the server memory limit is set to 8 to 12 MB & is never recommended to be on the higher side.

If any of your scripts under your hosting account requires a higher memory limit, you can increase it for your hosting account itself from .htaccess file which sits under public_html OR httpdocs directory.

Create a .htaccess file under root directory & add the code below. This is incase you need to increase it to 32MB. Make sure your webhost allows “AllowOverride On” in apache config file.

php_value memory_limit 32M

Once done, to test the memory limit for your account, create a phpinfo page. Browse the URL See, it it has been increased according to the one you have set.

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

If you face any issues with memory limit, signup with our hosting plans & increase it according to your needs.

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