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How to Enable Spam Protection in Plesk?

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Follow the below-mentioned steps to enable spam protection in Plesk:

  • Log in to Plesk.
  • On the left sidebar, click on Mail.
  • Select the email address on which you want to enable the spam protection.
  • Now, go to Spam Filter.
  • Select this checkbox to Switch on spam filtering for the selected email address.

  • In this section, you can choose any one option according to your choice.

  • By selecting this option you can mark spam messages that can be identified from its subject line.

  • Select this option if you want to delete all spam messages.

  • Click on this option to move spam emails to the junk email folder.

  • For more settings, expand the Advanced Settings menu by clicking on it.
  • In the Spam filter sensitivity field, you can configure the sensitivity of the spam filter by typing the desired sensitivity value.
  • The default value is seven. Using a smaller number increases the sensitivity of the filter, and using a greater number decreases it.
  • You can add specific mail accounts or domains to the white list textbox. Mail coming from those addresses will not be filtered.
  • If you want to block specific domains or email addresses then add them to the black list.
  • In the trusted languages and trusted locales section, you can choose specific languages and locations, that will always pass the filter.
  • If you want to allow specific IP addresses to pass the filter then, enter those IP addresses in the IP addresses textbox.
  • Click on OK and once done you will get a success message.

That’s how you can enable spam protection in Plesk.

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