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How to Deal With Downtime During Addon Domains Propagation?

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You are unlucky, because you can avoid the downtime while transferring an addon domain’s website. Unless the DNS entries list MilesWeb information and the information finishes propagating (that is, it has been communicated to all the servers that support the Internet), cPanel won’t allow connecting an addon domain name to your account.

The location of propagation can happen from anywhere and from just a few hours to a couple of days.

There is no need to wait for the propagation to complete prior to uploading the addon domain’s website files.

However, it is required to take a few extra steps so that it’s done properly.

In case your addon domain already has a website, leave that website in place and complete the following:

1. Log in to your MilesWeb account.

2. Click on cPanel. If there is more than one domain associated with your MilesWeb account, click on the correct domain link, then enter your cPanel password if needed.

3. Go to the Files section, click on the File Manager icon.

4. The Directory Selection pop-up will appear. Make sure the Web Root (public_html/www) option is selected and click on the Go button.

In case in the File Manager window, the pop-up doesn’t appear click the yellow folder icon next to /public_html in the left column.

5. Click on the New Folder icon from the top menu.

6. Enter the New Folder Name using the same name as the addon domain in the New Folder pop-up, but without the “www.” For example, if you are connecting as an addon domain name, you should enter as the New Folder Name.

7. For the above addon domain name, upload all the files to the new subfolder /

8. Open your browser and type the below url in the address bar: For example, if your primary domain is and you want to look into the folder /, you would type:

9. Check if the addon domain’s website is working properly.

10. After confirming if the site is functioning correctly on the new server, go to the registrar and switch the DNS entries to:

11. After a time span of few hours, go to cPanel and try to connect the addon domain. If you can’t do this, it means the propagation is still incomplete. Keep on trying until you’re successful.

12. When your addon domain is connected to your MilesWeb account, go back to your previous host and remove the old copy of the addon domain files.

In this way, you can upload the addon domain’s website files.

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