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How to create a Backup in Plesk?

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It is important to take the backup of your content. Backups secure your content if there are unexpected disasters and offer good examples of your sites and data that you may revert to. Though many webhosts maintain regular internal backups of all customer data for emergency recovery purposes, these are overwritten on a rotating basis. Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on these backups for your individual backup requirements. Based on the situation and period when you need the backup, these internal disaster recovery backups won’t be a solution for you. This is where self-managed backups come into spotlight. In Plesk, you get a backup tool that allows you to manage your own backups to complete your specific needs. In this article, you will learn to instantly backup your site, create a scheduled backup and restore from and backups you have created.

Steps to Create an Instant Backup

  • Login to Plesk
  • Go to Backup Manager
  • Click on Back Up
  • In this section, you can decide which data to include in the Backup. In that, Domain configuration is backed up automatically. You can choose to include or exclude Mail configuration, website content, user files, and databases.
  • By default, Plesk stores backups locally. If you want to use FTP storage for storing backups on a remote location to get more reliability, click on this link.
  • You can choose the type of backup from Full or Incremental Backup. A full backup includes all data and can be restored independently. An incremental backup contains only the files that were changed since the creation of the latest full backup.
  • From the Backup settings section, you can add a comment to the backup and configure the backup settings such as excluding some files from the backup, suspending domains, during the backup process, or sending notification on email when it is completed.
  • To create a backup click on OK.
  • This process requires some time and once done you will see a green tick with the date of creation.
  • By clicking on the downward arrow you can download the created backup file on your local machine.

That’s how you can create a backup in Plesk.

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