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What Is Domain Privacy? Why Is It Required?

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Do you know the fact that the contact details given in your web hosting domain can be publicly available? Yes that’s true…thanks to WHOIS listings! This is the reason why most of the web hosting providers provide the option of domain name privacy with nominal charges.

Do you really need domain name privacy?

Although the direct answer to this question is ‘No’, you may want to decide after knowing what domain name privacy can do for you. This service offers various crucial benefits; the most important one is reduction in the volume of spam and unnecessary solicitations. Considering this, any website owner would be better off by investing a small amount in domain name privacy.

What exactly is domain name privacy?

Every domain is listed in WHOIS. WHOIS is a database of registered domains and the domain related information is available to everyone on the internet. In absence of domain name protection, all your contact information including name, phone number, address etc. is available in public.

As a result if WHOIS privacy, your private information is safeguarded and what people can only see is the information about your domain registrar.

Even if you think that you have nothing to hide and there is no need of domain privacy protection, then have a look at these benefits that you will get after opting for this service:

  • Reduction of spam and junk mail
  • Hide your website information from the competitors who are doing market research
  • Stop people from reselling your domain related information to others
  • Keep away from stalkers, fraudsters and hackers
  • Have a control over your private information

Most of the website owners consider having WHOIS privacy protection because of all the reasons mentioned above. This is a smart way of reducing scams, unwanted internet traffic and enable a higher level of security.

In conclusion, although having domain name privacy is not mandatory; a little bit of extra caution can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

You can get domain name privacy enabled by registering a domain with MilesWeb. Add this efficient feature along with the domain name and website hosting package for enhanced benefits. Contact us for more details.


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