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How to Create/Delete Admin Accounts in DirectAdmin?

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As a server owner, you can delegate or hire people to act as administrators to oversee the hosting management. For it, DirectAdmin allows you to create or even delete admin accounts so you can assign them to these administrators. They will have total control over the DirectAdmin installation and the settings of your hosting.

Note: We recommend you allocate the role of administrator to a knowledgeable individual who has experience in handling DirectAdmin hosting.

To Create Admin Accounts

1. Log in to your admin account of the DirectAdmin panel.

2. Click Create Administrator from the Account Manager section.

The Create Admin interface will appear with a form.

3. Fill in the appropriate details in the form’s fields and click on CREATE.

Pro Tip: Create an email account especially for the administrator before entering it in the E-mail field. It will allow you to keep track of the admin accounts on your hosting server.

A pop-up window will appear showing the account creation process and flash a success message saying Admin created.

With this process, you can create similar admin accounts for your DirectAdmin server.

However, there are times when you may have to remove an admin account due to security issues. It is better to purge it by deleting the admin account.

Warning: Once you delete an admin account, it will also wipe out all of its data. Just to be safe, we recommend you to take a full backup before deleting an admin account.

To Delete Admin Accounts

1. Log in to your admin account of the DirectAdmin panel.

2. Click on List Administrators in the Account Manager section.

As the name suggests, you will see the list of active administrators on your hosting.

2. Select the admin account/accounts you want to delete by ticking the box beside them.

3. Click on the Delete button that will appear at the top-side of the list.

A confirmation window will pop up where you can confirm if you want to delete the admin account. If you are sure about your decision, you can leave it ticked.

4. Click on the Confirm button.

A pop-up window showing the account removal process will appear. It will include a success message saying the Admin deleted.

In this way, you can delete the admin accounts of your DirectAdmin hosting.

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