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Learn to Correct Your Staging Site After a cPanel Merge

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Learning About the Temporary URL

cPanel accounts are particularly created on an individual basis in business shared accounts. VPS and Dedicated server accounts allow creating multiple cPanel accounts. It is very rare case, where in there is a need to merge cPanel accounts. But, it might lead to an issue with the merged accounts, if the temporary URL is being used. A temporary URL comes in this format:


When the merging of cPanels is done, the other cPanel accounts that are being merged act as addon domains in the primary cPanel account. In case you are using the temporary URL for a merged cPanel account and it has became an addon domain then you will need to use the temporary URL of the primary domain. Or, you may need to use the actual URL.

The temporary URL locates the files within the PUBLIC_HTML folder – the default location of website files for the cPanel account. Folders get created under the addon domains under the public_html folder.

Using the New Temporary URL After a cPanel Merge

After completing the merging of your cPanel accounts, log in to the Account Management Panel and click on the Account Technical Details icon to get the temporary URL of the primary domain.

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