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How To Create A Catch-All Email Account In Plesk?

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A catch-all email account is an inbox that is created to receive all the emails sent to incorrect email addresses or email addresses that do not exist within a domain. When you configure a catch-all email account, it helps you in receiving all the lost emails due to misspellings. It is important to monitor your catch-all email account on a regular basis as it might receive a lot of spam messages.

The steps for configuring a catch-all email account are mentioned below:

  • Login to Plesk.
  • Click on ‘Mail’ on the left sidebar.
  • On the ‘Mail’ page, click on the ‘Mail Settings’ option.
  • Select the check box present next to the domain for which you wish to create the catch-all email account.
  • Click on the option ‘Mail for Non-Existent Users’.
  • In the section ‘Mail for Non-Existent Users for Selected Domains’, click on the option ‘Forward to address’.
  • In the text box shown, enter the email address that will act as the catch-all email address and that will receive all the messages.
  • Click on ‘Ok’.

Plesk will activate the catch-all email account.

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