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Ways To Use LinkedIn Live That Will Benefit Your Business

Businesses have a better platform to showcase their brands and work on their marketing strategy to be able to grab more attention. The social media platform has sprung a pleasant surprise for brands to be noticed swiftly and get attention in a little amount of time. LinkedIn, a professional networking site has worked on getting brands to put forward their marketing strategies to a new level wherein industry experts and fraternity can check what you have to offer.

How Businesses Can Benefit From LinkedIn Live?

LinkedIn Live is one of the many features that can make the engagement more interactive by able to get a real time response. There will be a huge shift for businesses that are probably launching a new product or brand into the market. It gives ample opportunity for the people to get the first look from this LinkedIn Live networking site without having to go elsewhere.

Studies have shown that businesses get more reactions, comments and audience engagement when they go live. It is a good feature for the brands to channel onto deeper connections and be able to engage the audience more informally. Businesses now can cater to the world’s largest professional community. LinkedIn live will enable viewers to check the brand out and facilitate the brand broadcast to go viral.

There is now a platform to get your storytelling, which would be a part of the brand’s digital marketing concept. LinkedIn Live helps the organization dissipate information and eventually scale up their businesses faster. Since the LinkedIn Live feature can now bring about more engagement with an extensive base to connect with and developing community, the resonance is far greater.

The LinkedIn live broadcast can generate paid ads, and the response was immediate and definitely in large numbers. Brands that used this tool were overwhelmed at the rate of comments and views they got within such a short span of time. The companies can now make use of the feature to have a two-way dialogue as well. Experts will help followers get their answers during the broadcast. The queries may need answering. Unlike other platforms, it could be done then and there. The audience gets to believe in the brand more and learn the authentic nature of the brand. The company can build on this trust and hope that it can attract potential customers as well.

What Makes LinkedIn Live Better Than Other Platforms?

Businesses can now have quality engagement with followers. The success of this tool can help for both organic and paid campaigns. It has been a good way of repurposing and adding that extra mileage for their networking site by boosting the brands’ reach. The single broadcast can generate so many leads that it may take a while for the brands to actually analyze the information. LinkedIn Live is crucial and would help analyze the brand leanings. It will show how people respond and how the next broadcast can highlight factors that work for the audience. They can study the association of the people with the brand. The brand can connect with something relatable yet be able to showcase something innovative each time they are on LinkedIn live.

The broadcast feature now lets the brands go alive and interact with the audience. It is a real time professional reach out which can be done safely. The brand can host on a secure platform. There is also a scope to generate a unique URL and promote the brand’s landing page. The business has the choice either to make the event public or private.

The best part of LinkedIn live is to get onto engaging setup and build a connection with the target audience. The LinkedIn page created by the company will allow the brand to have maximum visibility. And every event will be showcased to all the followers of the brand page. The followers of the brand can choose to pick the events they want to be part of and select them and view them. This way, the business will be building a connection. They get to know the events that have maximum viewership and are able to gather data to know audience behavioural patterns.

The brand can actually go on to boost the event registration by getting in LinkedIn ads as well. The brand can employ several sessions in a single event to engage the audience. The brand can post about the event feed and build on the anticipation for the viewers. There is also scope to have interaction with the attendees of the events through the LinkedIn live stream. There is a scope for multi-session activations as well at the same time at a single event. The brand can stream the highlights to build curiosity for others who couldn’t check on the live event. They might as well get the page on the video tab for others to see and give their opinions later as well. This allows the audience to be part of the conversation still and make a point.

  • LinkedIn Live builds brands through such live events as you can hold events for panels, stage interviews, or simply have a Q&A with your followers. It really helps to drive the conversation.
  • It’s a great way for businesses to get their marketing strategy to the point by getting to hold events that can be targeted at a particular kind of audience. The segments will help decide how the brand is able to cater to what is expected or even go on for product demos as well.
  • Creating awareness about the brand, there is an opportunity to conduct career conversations, hold recruiting events as well.


LinkedIn Live is the future of virtual events that would make the new norm for most companies. Brands can ingratiate with product managers who are on the network directly. The companies can choose to get a head start in concurring with several decision-makers in the business as an audience to your brand can live stream. With even third party broadcasting tools available for the time being, it won’t be long when your brand can broadcast video directly and make the impact.


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